St. Augustine

Donna and I whiled away an afternoon in St. Augustine. The weather was dodgy, the waterfront was flooded (apparently, it is a tidal thing) and the shops were pretty interesting.

This year, Chef is supposed to learn Florida history. Usually, the school district takes the 4th graders on a trip here, but the budget shortfalls have axed all field trips. Sometime soon, we'll bring the boys here to the fort and historic downtown.

The skies weren't the best, but the company definitely was! I could photo hunt to my heart's content and I had a companion who takes the same slow pace that I've adopted. Woohoo!

Looking up from a hotel...
Donna at Donna's on St. George Street
Wind Socks
One of the many beautiful archways
As I've mentioned to Donna, whenever I find these markers imbedded into a street, I take a picture. This goes back to the ten days on Block Island, when I thought the USGS marker at the lighthouse fascinating. Since then, looking through pictures will probably find about two dozen different ones.
Another pretty archway
Honesty in Advertising
Wow, no people on St. George street!
At the fort. When I see two people taking pictures of each other, I tend to offer to take one of them together. Donna asked if they would do the same, and they gladly conplied.
Water Mill (there was a bar upstairs)
The historic district is full of these gorgeous courtyards
Dinner. This is the town to do a pub crawl-up the block from Scarlett O'hara's, there are lots of B&B's to stagger back home.
Lightner Museum.

It's very rare that I get to do the shutterbug thing anymore. Ninety eight pictures later, I was happy. The town cries out for taking actual film and playing with the SLR and all the lenses. Perhaps next time...


Mike Golch said…
Nice, photos.

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