And Now, We Wait

This morning, I had my phone interview for SSDI. The notification said my appointed time was 11:03am. A head scratcher of a time, but oddly comforting, almost like they recognize that these things never start on time.

Then again, my interviewer called me 45 minutes EARLY. Yep, that's right, early. I'm glad that I did my preparations last night. I made a list of all the doctors who've treated me, all my employers and all the major medical issues I've had, basically recreating the medical history that I lost in the hard drive crash of '07. I was looking up phone numbers and addresses when she called.

The interview seemed to go well. I told her at the outset that I may forget a thing or two to be listed and she told me we could add at any time. Of course, I forgot to mention RSD at the outset. In giving the list of my doctors, we got to the rheumatologist. "Why do you see him?" was asked, and I mentioned that I have 5 markers for Lupus, but come up negative for actually having SLE. "Oh, I need to note that!"

We were on the phone for almost an hour, and I'm pretty sure I covered everything I needed to mention. The next step is for them to compile my medical records to decide if there is enough shit going on to approve me for SSDI.

Several times, when we talked of issues, she asked if I was currently being treated or on medication. I answered truthfully, that I am not because I have no insurance or can't afford the medications.

Now, we wait. I'll get an answer in 90 to 120 days. Right now, I hear my Mom singing to me (off key, as always) Que Sera, Sera. It is out of my hands.


LceeL said…
I hope you get your SSDI. My wife has it - due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

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