Inspired by Two of My BestFriends

I'm not saying that Donna and Joyce are my oldest friends, even if it might be true. The fact that I've known Donna for 24 years and Joyce for 28 years speaks well of the bonds we have. As they do with things from time to time, they give me great ideas, like today's post. It's a first. I am about to use a Mr. Linky here for the first time, because while they inspire me, I want you to join in the fun!

(snipped the part that will make a good Blogiversary post in 12 days!)

Over the past (nearly) three years, these two ladies have been there. They would have been even if I'd never started writing, but they were here, reading when I think I had an audience of six(Ed, Jeff, Jill, and Heather being the others). They were my readers FIRST, I'll point out. But a cool thing happened: they started reading other blogs.

Donna and Joyce took the early incarnations of my blogroll and like Columbus, they went exploring. You want to know how cool it is when you get a voicemail "go check Amy's blog NOW!" from Donna? Or a phone call from Joyce, did you see Grandy's post today? Some friends talk about soaps, Desperate Housewives or a 'reality' series-we talk about what we're reading on those blogs.

Joyce especially took that blogroll and went on, finding more and more new blogs. If there was an award, I'd give it (hmm, maybe I need to create one?) to her for 'biggest blog cheerleader'. She comments here, there and everywhere. She tells me what she's finding on other blogs. Joyce reads so many blogs she doesn't have time to create her own. :)

The best part? She's suggesting blogs for me to read. She's been talking about LouCeeL and Momisodes for ages. I'd checked in on Sandy from time to time, but Lou was a new name.

So, here's what I'm looking for today: If your loyal fan base from the earliest days of your blog have inspired you to check out blogs that you might never have found otherwise, write a post about it. Sign your name below in the Mr. Linky with a link back to your post about it. This way, we can do two things: show the love we've got from those who 'knew us when' and then perhaps find some new regular reading. (And give me, Joyce and Donna even more topics of discussion!)

If you're a fan of blogging without a blog of your own, share those 'must reads' in the comments here. You're all the reason why we do what we do!

Bonus if you go check out the blogs in the links and comment. Everyone knows we bloggers love us some comments!


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