Open House? Not Quite, but the Consolation Was Worth It.

We ventured over to Orlando yesterday. A local business was having an Open House for stores opening in the area. Silly me, I thought it'd be better to go to the one in Orlando today, rather than the one closer to home on Saturday. Why not get a three day jump on it?

Well, it was at a Job Fair. At the Fairgrounds FULL of people. That was quite a different scenario than going into a location for the one business and maybe being among dozens looking for a job with them. We took a pass on going in, fighting parking to get a passing "Hello, here's my resume" opportunity.

It wasn't a total loss. On the way there, I noticed this place and said "We're eating lunch THERE when we're done!" Ed concurred, and Michael wasn't too thrilled with the idea of eating Mexican. Outnumbered, kiddo. We don't have one in Lakeland and boy, do we miss them. (Moe's is good, but not quite Flats)
Michael is now a Flats convert. We suggested the Beef Flautas, and he liked them. I think he liked the decor even more. There was a pleasant surprise in the addition of the Ocean Deck Rasta Sauce, a hot sauce based on Ed's favorite place on the beach in Daytona.

Happy after a meal at the Flats, we head out of the parking lot, and Ed noticed a Rita's. We thought we were getting one in Lakeland, but the sign disappeared. I'm glad I went for one taco, because I had room for this:

I could have been irritated by the misrepresentation of what we were headed towards, as the business website gave a street address for the event, rather than saying it was at the Fairgrounds. However, the good lunch and dessert made up for it.


Anonymous said…
when I first saw the first photo, my thought was "who in thier bloody mind would get a Tiajuana Flats tattoo??"
Suzanne said…
That's pretty funny! No, I like the Flats, but not enough to even consider a tattoo!

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