What's For Dinner Wednesday

We've eaten an abundance of meals with chicken or pork lately, probably because one of the local supermarket chains has had some great sales. I can't resist, buy close to twenty pounds of whichever it is, then have Ed butcher and food saver them into family size packages.

Today, I asked what he'd like for dinner and he says "BEEF!" It's what's for dinner, tonight. Donna, Joyce and Rich (if she drops by) will probably chuckle at tonight's meal, because they've sat at my dinner table many times for this meal. It hasn't made it into WFDW because I haven't made London Broil in months.

Yep, London Broil. I was raised on it as the preferred steak cut. It lends itself nicely to a few leftover meals that all four of us enjoy. (though tonight's leftovers will probably make one Mozzarella Garlic Melt tomorrow). The Oven roasted Potatoes have become the preferred way to have a starch, and they take no time at all. Less work that the home fries that normally get made with London Broil.
The produce department today was hurting, and there wasn't enough time to visit the farm stand. I mentioned spinach and Ed perked up at the thought of homemade Creamed Spinach. I prefer having this when made from scratch, because I can see what's in it. Funny thing is that I made a thinned out roux and seasoned it, then when I opened the bag of frozen spinach, there was a recipe on it. The recipe was nearly what I'd done, their version adding a 1/4 cup of chicken broth. I don't think it needs it. If you're a vegetarian, perhaps you'll want to read the labels if you buy the frozen creamed spinach.

I made my plate, but Ed insisted his plate was prettier. This was Ed's plate tonight.

It's a good meal when four hours later, you're still full and satisfied.


Joyce-Anne said…
heeheehee. You were famous for your London Broil when you lived on the island.

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