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The Soundtrack of Spouses

As far as musical tastes go in this house, there is a lot of common ground. We had favorite bands in common before we even started dating. We listened to many of the same radio stations when we lived in NY, and while I hadn't delved as far into prog rock as Ed had, I had more than a passing interest in the genre.

However, there is a lot that each of us listens to that the other would not choose to listen to if left to our own devices. In fact, I listen to stuff that annoys Ed. (He gets even-he plays computer games at. top. volume. that I cannot STAND. I guess we're even). I try to be considerate and play things that he doesn't like softly or wait until he's not around. Sometimes, I fail.

Right now, the prime offender is Moosebutter. That has a lot to do with a small child liking the song as much as I do and requesting to listen to it loudly several times a day. Chef especially enjoys miming the Wookie sounds and he's picked out some harmonies. Harmonies, people-not the boring melody line! I would be a bad parent if I didn't foster his musical abilities! Oh well, it irritates Ed.

One from the past, with an explanation:

Two videos from Johnny Clegg and Savuka. My ex and I had gotten into World music, probably inspired in part by Paul Simon's collaborations with African musicians on his Graceland album. The instruments, the rhythms and the exuberance of the music captured our attention, and the ex and I ended up with quite a few albums from various African artists.

Alas, my ex wasn't the most gracious host, in that when people came to visit us, he'd play HIS favorites and not ask the houseguests what they might want to hear. Thus, Ed, Donna, Joyce, Rich and everyone else got endless plays of Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World and Third World Child. They didn't even get to hear the later albums-because they were sick of the endless diet of one or two World artists. As a result, if I'm going to listen to Mr. Clegg, it will always be when Ed's not home.

Another artist came from closer to home. Like only a mile from my house!

There's something about seeing an artist grow into their abilities that is appealing to me. Giggles came home from the first day of kindergarten with the news "One of the girls in my class WROTE A SONG about school!" Not only that, she was a sweet kid. What's not to like. (and yes, I still buy the CDs)

Finally, even though he has I've lost track several guitars, he's not always a fan of jazz or blues guitar. If I want to listen to Stevie Ray, Robert Cray or Jean-Luc Ponty, it's going to be on the iPod.

Now that you know his secret, try not to play these things if he happens to visit, okay?

(pssst, what CDs are in your listening library that your spouse wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?)


Joyce-Anne said…
I thought she lived closer to you. I'm guessing my house was a little over a mile from yours. Btw, I forgot how terrible the fashion was back in the 80's.
Suzanne said…
I've always pegged it as a mile because of my walk to Calhoun!
ligirl said…
Joyce! I LOVED the fashion!!! (The big shoulder pads balanced out my fat ass)

Anyhoo...My ex hated anything to do with Perry Farrell, in any incarnation...Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, all had to be played when hubby was NOT home. He also hated my Violent Femmes. (or the "Violent Feminists" as he called them!)

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