A Little Rant About My Beetle

I'm a Volkswagen fan. Truly, I love my car-it's my second new car purchased from VW and they are great. I like the road feel and responsiveness of the car. So much so, that when I drive anyone else's car, I usually feel like I'm driving a marshmallow.

However, I've got a few petty annoyances and one MAJOR pet peeve right now. Last year, in October, my left front headlight went out. Okay, that's annoying. The car was three years old at the time, so it's to be expected. I decided to head over to the auto parts store, get a headlight and Ed would swap it out for me, right?

Nope. Two things happened. First, the OTHER headlight went out less than 10 days after the first. Okay, we'll buy two headlights. Off to Advance we go and get two headlights. Then, the problem is discovered-Ed can't do it. Unlike any other vehicle we have owned, the headlights are situated in a manner that requires a mechanic (either it went on a lift of the bumper came off, I forget which).

I sat at the mechanic for two hours while they had no other cars. Cost $50 bucks for labor and something similar for the BULBS that go into the lenses. That price wasn't even for the old style headlamps, you know, the kind you'd put in then have to aim on the garage door?

That was done November 9th of last year. I found the receipt in the glove box yesterday. Why was I looking for that receipt? The darn left headlight went out a week ago. I was trying to figure out if there was some damn way to replace the lamp ourselves when I came out of scouts tonight and THE OTHER HEADLIGHT IS OUT!!!!!

Now, if you're trying to figure out how two headights can just burn out in 45 weeks, within a short span of each other, three words for you: daytime running lights.

Ugh! I am PISSED at you, Volkswagen.


Kaoscapt said…
A little Googleing and the headlight removal solution is explained. Will change bulbs Thursday AM (Only one is out btw...) $75 back in our pockets. Sweeeeet.
Suzanne said…
Thank you, honey! <3

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