Kiss a Wookie

Another example of musical genius, Moosebutter's Star Wars. If you'd rather see the lyrics and more songs from these paragons of a capella and comedy, visit here.

Chef Jr, as is typical, came running as soon as I turned the volume on to hear it. To make him laugh in the car today, I started signing "Kiss a Wookie, kick a droid." He was wearing his brother's Boy Scout field hat while we were driving in the car. It sort of resembles Indiana Jone's hat, so he was telling me he was going to wear the hat and watch Star Wars, claiming he was Indy.

The song uses part of the Indy theme, but it's about Star Wars. When I pointed out that the hat was better suited for watching Indiana Jones, he says well then, call me Star Jones.

Ewwww! I mean, there's not even the slightest resemblance:
I have to show this to him to set him straight.

On top of that, he called me a princess. I had to set him straight that I am THE QUEEN, because I am in command of all, lol. When I told him he was the prince, he asked which one. "Prince Charming, my dear."

"Oh no I'm not, I'm not. I don't wear ugly flowery hats, have a skirt or have girly hair or nail polish." I suppose I need to show him some images of real princes, don't I?

John Williams is the man!


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