Wednesday Already?

I have given no thought whatsoever to dinner tonight! Sometime over the next few hours, I'll need to give it some consideration. Especially since Wednesday seems to be the motherlode for visitors. (somehow, I sense hungry people out there).

Pizzeria Uno has various signs throughout their restaurants. When the first one opened on LI years ago, Dad, Giggles and I took great pleasure in reading them while we waited for tables (oh, and giving each other grief if we were on the wrong side of the bench with the Democrats/Republicans signs!) My favorite, to this day, was a not so little sign that proclaimed "Life is Uncertain-Eat Dessert First."

Years later, I got a job at an Uno's when they opened nearby in Maryland. I had regular patrons who did just that, ordering a Brownie Bowl and when it arrived, they'd place their pizza order. Each time that family came in, I couldn't help but smile at the frivolity of it all. These were people who enjoyed life, as evidenced by their ability to buck convention.

In honor of that joyous spirit, here's dessert first.

I have to make one of these. We love love love love LOVE Pecan Pie, and only seem to enjoy it when we go out to eat (and Harry's? they make a perfect one, flaky crust and gooey filling.) Chef and I used to share a piece each time we'd eat there, but when I looked at the bill and saw they only charge two dollars for a slice, there was a rapid change-you can have your own slice, kiddo.

Now I'm all hungry!


Joyce-Anne said…
Looks yummy! I enjoyed having dessert first today. Thanks!
Holly said…
Is it ONLY Wednesday? It feels like a friday. The pie looks delicous! Thanks for the reminder that we should all eat dessert first once in a while!

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