Game Night

Last night, I had the age old dilemma in this house. Two kids, both wanting the TV for different activities (Wii for Gameboy after all the homework he did, whatever dreck you can find on Cartoon Network for Chef Jr). As I'd promised Gameboy that he would get the Wii after doing all the homework, he got it.

That left me with a sulking kid. Teenage girls could learn from this one-he's got it down to an art. He wanted TV, and the only other one isn't hooked up to cable. Each room in this house is wired for it (can you tell our landlord was a bachelor when he built it?), but it's an old TV that isn't cable ready without a box. What to do? I suggested playing some games and Chef's face lit up like it was Christmas.

I've got tons of board games waiting for when the kids are old enough to comprehend them, though the time is drawing closer for those (Pictionary, for one). We opted to play the ones that we got last year, Othello and Life.

The box is right-a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. Chef got the concept very quickly and his competitive ways took over. If you didn't see the proceedings, you'd wonder why the 9 year old was laughing maniacally. For his first game, he did very well-only lost by 2.

Next up, enough time to play Life. I should video the gameplay, because the one liners that this guy comes up with while playing the game are hilarious! His career was Entertainer (how appropriate) and he balked at the 50,000 salary. Dude, need to introduce you to real entertainers-that's actually good!

He played the stock market and sold a house and bought another one and had a kid, all within an hour. He also seemed to have a knack for landing on spots with payouts, too. Ultimately, my salary as a computer tech left me with a lot more cash at the end of the game, but he didn't seem to mind.

He just wants to play again tomorrow...


Bob said…
I think you have Bright House, no?
They might have a no-cost digital converter that you can get. They let the TV watch whatever your other set gets but without the guide. I'm sure Chef knows the cartoon channels, :)
I have a CRT that's not being used I'll trade you for.


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