Crossing the Border and Other Various Happenings

No, I won't be crossing a border any time soon, but I will receive some medications that have. I just ordered a refill on Gameboy's Strattera. If I purchased them from the cheapest source here, a months supply is $396.73. Instead, we're getting generic from Canada for $159.99.

In a search for medications, I found prescription assistance programs for his two name brand and extremely costly medications. They both ask if we have health insurance (no, but we're waiting for the state program, thanks) and proof of income. One asks if he's Medicaid eligible. Yeah, but we had to reapply for it. It would royally suck if they exclude people for being Medicaid eligible. Sometimes, it takes months to find out whether or not you're accepted. Off to fax documents in a few minutes for those.

Continuing on the job search front, it seems that pounding the pavement has become the thing of the past. There is that conundrum, though. Prospective employers tell you to apply on their website, then when you go to the website, there isn't any way to apply for openings!

Tomorrow morning, a friend and I venture forth to the open house Ed and I bailed out of the other day. This time, it's not at a career fair and the opportunities to make an impression are much better. That will beat all the emails I'm getting for commission type jobs from the various job seeker sites. I wish there were some way to put on the job search criteria "I do NOT want commission compensation, nor am I interested in your work from home scam!"

I am trying to stay optimistic.


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