My favorite photo (that's on my hard drive)

Thanks to Sarah at Imaginary Binky, I've been following Amy Greeblemonkey on Twitter and reading her blog. I am lucky that there are so many funny bloggers out there, and all of you point me towards them!

Greeblemonkey is having a photo contest, and what the hey? I'll enter, too. This one came up the other day, and each time I see it, it makes me happy.

Taken at Epcot during IllumiNations, May 2003:

My favorite WDW park and my favorite show, too. The only thing that makes it better is when it's shared with my favorite people and a glass of wine from Germany.


monstergirlee said…
I love fireworks- I hope to get to photograph them next 4th of July. This is a great photo, glad to see it.
Joyce-Anne said…
I have so many favorite photos--all of them are of my children. But, as far as subject matter goes, fireworks are cool. In my book, you win for coolest photo.

Now, for my questions, if you could re-live one day from your past would you do it? If so, which day and why?
Joyce-Anne said…
Btw, I love the new header. :-)
Gypsydoodlebug said…
OMG that's gorgeous...

The new header is NIIIICE!
thanks for your lovely entry and kind words!

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