Not Enough Blogging About Food

I tried to join a foodie blog ring, but I don't write enough about food! Chalk it up to participating in Blog 365.

Since I've been home, the family has benefited in far more home cooked meals than they'd been getting in the previous year. WFDW guaranteed at least one (and usually two) good, solid meals with leftovers. Now, nearly every night is homemade, or it's leftovers from homemade.

There's enough dough and ricotta mixture for one more calzone (maybe two). Last night's meal was from scratch Swedish Meatballs. It's the first time I've made those and I'm not sure if they're authentic, but they sure seemed like a more delicate version of the ones at Ikea.

That's my only experience with the dish-that's why I don't know if it's right. Word to the wise, if you double Alton Brown's recipe for them, you don't need to double the sauce. I think that we may end up with a Swedish Meatloaf with some of the nearly 2 quarts of sauce left over!

Today, I worked on pulled pork again. I took a Carolina recipe as a base for cooking in the crockpot. I think I'm on the right track, but more practice is needed. I think I'll be perfecting it for a while, but I've got three willing men to eat any batch made.

In running errands today, Ed had a craving for a nearby sushi place. I figured we should, even though I've only ever had it once before. I figured out what my problem with sushi is, and that is the need to put the whole piece in your mouth, instead of taking bites. I have a small mouth (proof of this: extensive dental work five years ago had my dental student using all pediatric equipment). I put a cucumber roll in my mouth and it was like I had a colossal gobstopper in it.

My bento box with Gyoza was really good, though. Don't tell Chef that we went to the sushi place without him, okay?


Saffa Chick said…
I have a normal mouth and I can't get sushi in with one bite! I cheat and pick it up in my fingers and nibble ;-)


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