Some Things Never Get Old!

When Gameboy was a baby, Ed and I looked forward to Friday nights and Cartoon Planet.

I've got two of the cds, which sometimes provide a lot of laughter on road trips. I always wanted to have the shows to watch-and now I understand Best Buy has them.

Off to see if Amazon has them and add the sets to my wish list.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Cartoon Planet!! I am so excited to hear there are DVD's now. I have an old VHS tape that I used to tape episodes on back when they only showed it at 4am on cartoon network. I would try to stay up all night to tape it. I love Brak. Thanks for the update!
Suzanne said…
Princess, how the heck ARE you? It does not surprise me that you are a fan of this show.

Alas, all I found were Coast to Coast DVDs, but you can find some pretty good quality clips on YouTube.

The only thing that would have been better is if I happened to find "Who Let a Fluffy?"

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