What's For Dinner Wednesday

Yesterday, Gameboy had a scout meeting. I asked Chef where he'd like to eat while his brother was at the meeting. It's a deal we've got-kind of the way to have some one on one time. He asked to have pizza and calzone at Pizza USA.

I knew that if we did that, Ed would be disappointed, because calzones are usually split between Ed and Chef Jr. Then I realized that we could make them ourselves. When I suggested this, Chef was on board quickly. Instead, we indulged in splitting a sandwich and a slice of pistachio cheesecake. This pleased him greatly: mom and son time as requested AND one of his favorite meals on deck.

So, Calzone. I'd never made them before, but the concept is easy enough. The basic pizza dough I use, ricotta and assorted cheeses, the requested ham or pepperoni and we'd be in business. Chef also requested cheddar in his.
I still need to get this dough thing right. Part of my problem is that I keep using the Ikea cutting boards without a towel underneath to stop them from sliding. Ham, per Chef's request.
Cheese, lots of cheese. The total used was 4, but would have been five (no parmesan). Ricotta, cheddar, asiago and mozzerella. Some minced garlic, chopped basil and two eggs to bind it. (Next time, I think I'll skip the eggs.)
Folded over. I think I need to work on this! It sure doesn't look like what the pizza parlors put out!
The pepperoni one turned out better. I think I figured out what I need to do to make that rope like effect along the seam. Next time.
The finished product. There was some leakage of the cheese. Partly because the cheese mixture wasn't thick enough, partly because I did a lousy job of sealing those edges.

Properly plated. Ed's the only one who bothers with the spaghetti sauce.

Gameboy got his requested hawaiian pizza. I had a slice-it's growing on me.

The rest of the week has some other culinary goodies. Spare ribs and swedish meatballs. Maybe it's a good thing I'm home lately...


Joyce-Anne said…
Ok, now I'm hungry for a calzone. They looked good.

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