A Day In Pictures

Yesterday started with a civil service exam. The test paperwork said it would take one to two hours. Ed drove me to the test so that I didn't have to leave my car at the station for the weekend-and I told him to come back in an hour. Twenty five minutes later, he answers "Are you KIDDING me?" Nope, I was done.

We had time to grab breakfast, then go to the train station. It ends up that the bus to Orlando via Amtrak was sold out. Change in plans, I'm picking up the train in Winter Haven. I commented to the ticketing agent that I hadn't been there yet. (I still haven't been there, IMO.)

While waiting there, I learned that a freight train passing through a station at any speed makes Vertigo really bad. Fortunately, this one stopped for us but it also affected the 'spinnies', as we call it:

At my destination:

Next, we had some wine, chocolate and heavy conversation. Afterwards, Donna treated me to Melting Pot. YUM!

The Yin and Yang fondue for dessert, before we attacked like locusts:

The dippables for the chocolaty goodness:

On tap for Saturday is some FUN!


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