In Which I Answer Your Burning Questions...

Last week, I asked my lovely readers for questions. Several of you rose to the occasion, and today, you'll get some answers!

Okay, the first question (well, two questions) come from the lovely Grandy of California. She asks:

Ok...on to my question...
If you could re-do anything from your past, what would it be? and... Would you do it differently?

I gave this one a lot of thought, but I kept coming back to the same things. There are a bunch of things that were spectacular disasters in my life, things that most people would want to redo properly. However, I look at most of my failures as character building.

For that reason, there's only one thing that I would have changed. I would have finished up my degree. Here I am, twenty years later, just six credits shy of that Associate's. The reason has been the same over the years-time and money kept me away.

There's your answer, Mary. If I could change anything, I would be the first college graduate in the family. Instead, I'll be the second-because damn it, I AM going back to school!

Next comes the lovely Richardina. I've known her almost as long as her sister, and longer than Donna by a year, so there aren't many questions that haven't been asked over the years.

Rich asks:
...if you could spend time with someone you've never met (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Of course, she's got to ask a tough one! You know how hard it is to pick ONE person! Depending on the day or even the hour, my choice would be different.

Today, the choice is one woman who has always fascinated me: Annie Sullivan, who was Helen Keller's teacher. Her story could just be a sad one: she lost her parents to illness, was sent with her brother to live in an Alms house, lost her sight and her brother died. However, she overcame all, and later somehow was able to find a way to communicate with Helen when others could not. As a kid, I devoured any books I could read on either woman.

I'd love to know how she figured out how to reach Helen and what it was like to have that 'a-HA!' moment when Helen communicated back. She wrote of it, but I'd love to sit and talk about it.

Mind you, tomorrow, you might have received a different answer! Then again, I came back to Annie several times since the question was posed, so probably not.

Now, it's Joyce's turn. The B sisters have a knack for the 'just one' type of questions, when clearly, I'm not able to easily settle on ONE thing!

Her question is:
Now, for my questions, if you could re-live one day from your past would you do it? If so, which day and why?

I have two parents that I would love to relive a day with, so I'm answering with two days!

The first, with my Dad, is the day that he, Giggles and I visited the French Quarter in New Orleans during the '84 World's Fair. He spent ages planning that and our 1982 road trips. Any day on any of our many travels is worth going back in time to enjoy again, but I especially want to spend the day in a city that I know more about with my Dad, who would have loved having all of that information about those restaurants!

With my Mom, I'd go back and spend the day we went out to the East End of Long Island
for shopping, farm stands and a great lunch. We laughed so much that day! I was so fortunate to have a better bond with my mom as an adult. I still miss that.

Doreen threw me the easy one! Thanks, Doreen, after those two B siblings, I needed an easier one.

She asks:
I've got one! How did your love of Disney start and what keeps it going?

Blame my Dad for this one. He took me to Pinocchio when I was 3 years old. Then, when I was in third grade, I got my first part in a play: Mary Poppins. Over the years, the man who was born the same year as Mickey Mouse fostered the love of all things Disney by taking Giggles and I to numerous matinees. Our Christmas Day tradition as kids was to see a Disney movie at one of the movie theaters the next town over.

When I was 18, he, Giggles and I finally got to do what we'd ALL wanted to do for years: visit Walt Disney World. Honestly, I don't know who was more excited about the prospect!

For years, my love for the mouse was on the down low, but eventually, I was able to share that because I'm married to a man who's family also has Mickey shaped DNA. Six years of working for the Walt Disney Company only made it worse! Now, if only I could get them to realize that they need to do Annual Passes on a monthly payment plan, the addict in me would calm down-it's been a long time since we've been in the parks and we only live 30 miles away!

Some funny Disney stuff about us: each room had either a subtle or not so subtle Disney design plan-our old house would have had a garage painted up like a utilidor! Our DVD collection is about 80% Disney movies, and we each visited the movies for the first time to see a Disney movie. Yeah, we've got it bad!

And that, my friends, is the end of the questions. I hope it has enlightened you and not put you to sleep!


Joyce-Anne said…
Somehow I knew your answer would involve Mom or Dad. I actually figured it would be a day with your Mom because I know how deep the bond was/is with you. But, it was good hearing about time with Dad too. Good answers! :-)

I'm glad I was able to come up with a tough one too. lol

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