The Writing Project

About a month ago, Jennifer over at Thursday Drive posted an entry in which she shared a sample of her handwriting. She displayed a beautiful, fluid handwriting sample that could only come from her hands. Her writing is so eloquent, so must be her penmanship.

The idea was one I tucked away. I made one of my usual To Do lists, with the idea that it would be scanned and entered the day after I saw that entry. What I didn't realize is that I did not reload all the drivers to the HP when I had that lovely hard drive crash last year. The idea went on the back burner, saved for a rainy day.

Yesterday's post HAD to have the picture that graces our fridge, one taken by Bawb when I visited Chicago to move Ed back east. July 5, 1995, Lakeshore Drive, Chi Town. That was a great trip and the start of an adventure for the two of us. The flippant pose? That sums the two of us up nicely.

My handwriting? It's not as cute as the picture. I spend far more time using a keyboard than printing things. The list I'd made was a hasty print, legible, but if you need to know whether that's a 5 or an S, I'm sorry to say, you'd be out of luck.

At the same time, Donna and I were about to do the great camera swap. She needed instructions for the camera I was sending. Not the stupid manual, a cheat sheet of what the camera does. Something she could keep with the camera, the prevent her from missing the shots of the vistas of Europe. I made a copy of the instructions, thinking it might be good to use with the kids in the event that I get a new camera and they inherit the old.

This is one page of the instructions, with diagrams and all. If Jennifer's writing sample shows she's very organized in thought and action, mine shows I'm hurried, frazzled and a wise ass. Decide for yourselves:

If you're a blogger, looking for a topic, this one is easy to do. Why not post the grocery list? (I know Saffa's wont be a list of wines this month, waaaaah) A wish list if the prize patrol shows up at YOUR door and they're not looking for me? Your favorite recipe?


daysgoby said…
What a good idea!

I've posted my handwriting before:

but a list? Hmm....
daysgoby said…
SORRY! Wrong link!
Joyce-Anne said…
My handwriting would probably be described as disorganized and crazy mother of three. ;-)
ligirl said…
My handwriting can be quite pretty when I want it to be. Addressing snail-mail b-day and X-mas cards? Lovely. My work notebook, where I hurriedly make notes as I'm speaking with my clients over the phone? Hah!!! I pity my colleagues who ever need to decipher THAT scrawl!!!
Saffa Chick said…
I type all day, every day. I can no longer handle a pen - it is ridiculous! I make notes in a meeting and I can't read them 5 minutes later!
Suzanne said…
Jess, your handwriting is far neater than mine. I was wondering how I missed that one, then saw it was from 2006. I so need to check your archives, lady!

Joyce, it's amazing how much things deteriorate once we have kids, isn't it? ;) I suspect yours is still quite legible!

Donna, you've always had the penmanship of a catholic girl drilled by the nuns. FPS should be proud, lol!

Saffa, you sound a lot like me, I hardly write anything anymore. On the plus side, the typing has gone up 20wpm in the past couple of years. I guess that's a decent trade off...
imaginary binky said…
Excellent penmanship! I give you a gold star.

My handwriting has slowly disintegrated as I forget to know how to write since I type so much. Soon, I will just draw stick figures to get my idea across.
Jennifer H said…
I'm so glad you did this!

And I like your handwriting. I can't print for anything (I use all caps because my lower case letters are very blah), and I think yours looks far more like that of an organized person.

Which I am not, but it gave me a good laugh to read that. You should come over to my house, now, and you would laugh, too! But thank you for the lovely things you said about the writing and the penmanship. You made my day! (And I'll link to your post from mine.)

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