It Was Sunday, So We Must Be At a Busch Park!

Having annual passes means we visit those Busch parks a lot. It'd be more frequently if all four of us had coinciding days off, but the current rate of visits makes those passes a fantastic value.

Maureen called the other day to see if we wanted to head over to Sea World with them. Heck, yeah, because I get a coaster buddy and the kids have a friend and I've got TWO friends. (Yeah, I'm a little selfish that way, lol!). Alas, Ed had to work-we'll get this coordinated sooner or later.

It was a perfect day, mid 90's and sunny. The crowds have left for points elsewhere. The longest wait all day was 15 minutes for the kids to go on the bungee trampoline. Maureen was the keeper of the show schedules, so we saw all four of the shows today. (With my bunch, we tend to only coordinate two)

My Coaster buddy and I got to ride Kracken twice in a row, the back seat both times. The ride pictures turned out awesome, too. Love that coaster! It's so smooth and has great air.

After riding Kraken, we tried to get onto Atlantis, but it wasn't running. Instead, we went into the gift shop/aquarium, where Chef pipes up "Mommy, dinner's on the ceiling again!". They've got huge fish tanks above and below the room, it was pretty funny that he came up with this.

There's only one quick service in the park that I hadn't tried, because the lines tend to be really long. The trick was that we got there early today-mmmmm, barbeque!
Afterwards, Blue Horizons from the bottom of the theatre-the dolphins got us wet! It's a completely different show at the bottom than from the top.

All in all, we did a ton of stuff in eight hours and had a lot of fun.

The same guy who was in Clyde and Seymour the last time we saw it. It's funny that he can't stay in character...
Feed me, please. I haven't had anyone toss me fish in ages. Oh, okay, five minutes ago, but that was just a snack!
Moooom, dinner's on the ceiling again!
Here, fishy, fishy
The swimmer in midair has just been tossed by the dolphin that is going into the water
Another dolphin and swimmer shot from Blue Horizon
The first time we've actually seen the Clydesdales out in the park!


Grandy said…
Fun!! I wanna come play!! :)

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