A First for Me

And an educational experience for the kids, to boot.

I've never contributed to a political campaign, other than to buy buttons or bumper stickers. My wallet has never been fat enough to contribute in that manner, and right now, it's got moths in it.

However, I got a call the other day to offer my support in another way and I agreed. This afternoon, I'll be spending a few hours at the local campaign headquarters for Obama, doing whatever is asked of me for that time. Time is something I have plenty of nowadays, so I might as well put it to use.

The kids are coming along. I had hoped to leave them at home, but I realize that this is a great opportunity for them to see how the political process works beyond what they see on the news. Unlike Giggles and I, neither one of them was in the fifth grade in a presidential election year and thus, they're not learning the US Government in an election cycle.

That was an interesting experience. Back then, our teachers encouraged our parents to bring their fifth grader into the election booth, to see what you do and hopefully, have discussions about the process. I thought it was rather cool. Four years later, Mom voted FOR the man she'd voted against when I was in the booth with her.

I'm hoping the boys come away from the experience with an appreciation for what it takes, how many people have to be on board. We're voting for one man, but it takes many to support the one that gets into the White House.

It's pretty cool when you stop to think of it on that level.


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