Woohoo, I'm Going to Be Rich!

Today's mail brought me a check. In amongst all the bills, I was given money. Glory Be! The check is from my first three months as a BlogHer participating advertiser. In three months, I made enough for the family to go out for dinner. Thanks, BlogHer. Even more important, thanks to all of you for reading the blog and contributing, pennies here and pennies there. (Extra special thanks to those who click on those links!)

The association with BlogHer has brought more rewards than the financial ones. My relationships in the blogosphere have been expanded and the ones I already had have been enriched. Ten months ago, when I embarked on the blogging every day journey, I had no idea the friendships I'd make, the knowledge I'd gain and the fun that would be shared.

It's pretty darn cool.


Mike Golch said…
Suzanne,I agree with you blogsphere has brought me new friends as well. I count you as one of them. I fell blessed have meet you here in the blog world.
Saffa Chick said…
Oh that's why everyone has the BlogHer sidebar thingy! I seeee. Ok, I'll click around in there every time I visit, so your next dinner is on me!

Or maybe have a drink for me, seeing as I can't. *sigh*
Suzanne said…
Saffa, way ahead of you. Had the last Shock Top while posting! ;)
Suzanne said…
Mike, we can all count on you for being our cheering section! Thanks for being there. :)
imaginary binky said…
Yay! I hope you have a swell dinner on BlogHer's dime.

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