You Take The Good, You Take the Bad

You take them both and there you have: Suzanne's life, Suzanne's life!

Lots of good has happened today. It seems that Dad is smiling down on me and Giggles today, the anniversary of his passing. Both of us have had some serious forward momentum in our educational journeys today. Rather fitting, since Dad valued us getting college degrees more than anything.

Then, I got home from some errands and found an envelope from Social Security.


I'm not letting it get me down. Besides, Ed's doing enough of that for both of us-he is royally PISSED. I think it's because he sees how bad it is when I am working and how it is now that I'm not, that I still have major pain from the RSD, but I can live with it better.

Everyone told me it wouldn't be approved the first time around, that I'd probably have to appeal. Hell, I'm hearing stories of people worse off than me who got denied their first time, too. Robin's RSD is much worse and a neighbor had a bullet shot through his head which totally screwed up his memory. He was denied, too.

I'm going to appeal, because that's what you do. However, the urge to file it TODAY! NOW! DON'T WAIT! is being tempered with get a lawyer, do some research and chill out a week or two until you see said lawyer.

It's a temporary setback. I'll get through it.


Mike Golch said…
keep reapplying.
Jientje said…
Yes, that's what I wanted to say too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Suzanne!
Saffa Chick said…
Oh No! I know you were counting on that... and now you have to hire a bloodsucking lawyer and appeal and ... oh that's awful.

I hope everyone is correct and this is normal and that the appeal works out.
Grandy said…
I'm sorry honey... keep your chin up and give Ed a hug. Hubby gets protective of me that way too.

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