Signs That the Cold is Winning

1.You go to bed before 2am and sleep until 10am. (RSD keeps me up really late normally)
2.No sooner do you wake up, that you want to go back to bed.
3. You have to go to the post office and promised the kids a trip to the library.
4. This completely wears you out.
5. You start making pizza dough as soon as you get home.
6. The whole 45 minutes of the first rise, you're thinking "hurry up, yeasties, I want to go back to bed."
7. When the first rise is done, you punch dough down and promptly go to sleep.
8. 90 minutes later, you get up to punch dough down and go back to sleep.
9. 90 minutes after that, you tell you spouse that the beeping is the dough and just shut it off.
10. You make the pizzas, pop them in the oven, then go back to your little cocoon on the couch.
11. You're grateful that the camping trip got canceled because dude? This would have SUCKED if you were out in the cold and dealing with this.
12. Even after all that sleep, you'd have no problem going back to sleep right now.
13. Instead, you're going to take one of those library books in with you while you soak in the tub, THEN you'll go back to bed.


Mike Golch said…
I'm with you on Items # 1 and 2!
ligirl said…
Hi Sweetie...I will call you later to check on you. I was hoping this would be out of your system by now. Have you been checked out yet by anyone like we talked about? Hope this finds you feeling better!
been there, done that. I hope you feel better soon!
Jientje said…
I know what you feel! I'm coming down with a huge cold and all I want it to go to sleep too!
Suzanne said…
Mike, I hope you feel better soon.

Donna, I skipped the doctor. It wasn't turning into bronchitis, so I wasn't too concerned.

SB, thanks. I'm feeling almost human today. finally.

Jientje, I'm sorry. This one's a bear. Lot's of fluids to soothe the throat helps.
Saffa Chick said…
I hope you've shaken the cold - and punching pizza dough was a bit of an ask!

Thanks also for your kind words about me in your list of bloggers a couple of posts away... I'd love to hang out with you some day!

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