Continuing to Wander

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When last we were viewing my photographs, we were looking at the Water Dome, which as not putting on the 4:30 to 5:30 performance. That will be captured another day. However, there was still plenty of campus to look at.

Carter, Walridge Hawkins Seminar Building. With this building, we noticed that the bricks (similar to those in the Pfeiffer Chapel) were carried throughout the building. No boring drywall here. I'd be absolutely thrilled if I had an office like that!

Lucius Bond Ordway Building. Ed really liked these pictures. It was at this point in the walking tour that we encountered people walking dogs and a young lady riding a scooter. The girl sped past us at the seminar building and a woman FLEW out of her office to catch whomever was doing this (the scooter wheels made a racket), but she was long gone. Judging by the state of the walkways, the school is trying their best to maintain what they can.

More Esplande shots. They really were pretty, if rather short. Probably 7 feet at most. Sucks to be a tall person on this campus when it's raining.

The Polk Science Building. I was losing sunlight, so I didn't get as many of the elements of this building. However, once I switched from the Architecture to the Sunset settings on the camera, I captured some bold colors-no photoshop necessary!

More pictures of the Pfeiffer chapel from the other side of the campus.

More views of the Danforth chapel. As I mentioned in the previous entry, I really think a visit at night, with the lights from the building shining will make for better pictures than I've shared today.

Thanks for joining me on this trip!


Grandy said…
WOW!! Some awesome pics lady!!
Suzanne said…
Thanks! I have to say that the afternoon really made me long for my tripod and SLR. Digitals are great, but I love the ability to go manual with my old camera.

And if I had the Cokin filters...

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