In Case I Hadn't Mentioned It

My second Tasty Thursday post is up over at MomDot. It's a little late to help any of you, but I featured some recipes suitable for the Super Bowl: Spinach Dip (the recipe that Jill and I charmed out of our waitress long ago ;) ), Easy Chili and my Mom's Chicken Oreganata. Some of you may have had me serve that as Bread Crumb Chicken, because that's what I'd always say when Mom told me she was serving it.

As is typical for me, once I've written about a recipe, I'm not happy until I have some myself. The Chicken was made last night and the Spinach Dip will probably hit the table tomorrow evening! Also, if you've got requests, feel free to turn them in here or at MomDot.

I have to tell you this, because I'd be a bad bloggy friend if I didn't: If you have not visited MomDot yet, please do. Trisha has crafted a great site that anyone can gain some great information from. On the main page, there is a link for Blog Resources and my word, she has SO much good information to share about blogging, how to build traffic, the ins and outs of giveaways and so much more. You don't have to be a mommy or have Mom Blogs to participate.

If it wasn't already enough that the resources are there, there is a Friday Night LIVE session, in which Trisha gets on a web cam and gives a lesson! I commented to Ed last night that I'm going to "Blog School", because I am learning so much from this dynamo! Trust me, you need to take notes when you're in a LIVE session, because there is no way in hell that you're going to remember all the information that is shared.

Then, at the end, all the comments made during the class (which shouldn't be called a class, because that implies it's boring, but it's not!), there's a giveaway! Last week's was a Mixxo mixer (wah, it wasn't me) and this week, two people won a four pack of Showtime Original TV Series DVDs.

That sounds like a lot already, right? Add to that all the regular giveaways and a FORUM, too! I am digging the forum full of bloggers, because I can ask a question about hosting or what should the blog URL be when I move to self hosted and get real answers. (And from some very nice people, too.)

You know me, I don't crow about something like this unless it means a lot to me. This one does-so I had to share with the bloggers, because the more we all know, the more successful we all will be.


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