.EXE, Where are You?

For some reason, my .EXE extensions aren't recognized by the laptop anymore. This happened sometime between when I logged on yesterday morning and when I got back on last night. My laptop is sick. I still can surf the net, but launch programs? Fat chance. The only reason why I can even access the net is because I saved that HTML link to that job fair to my desktop.

Here's the strange thing: when I search file types, .EXE doesn't show up, but when I go into advanced settings and try to create .EXE, a box comes up. It tells me that .EXE does exist. So, which is it? Is there a secret list of file extensions that I can't see?

I am leery of replacing it until my tech guru comes home from work. It sucks when you know just enough to get by (or get in trouble), but not enough to forge ahead. I don't want to have a spectacular loss of 55 gigs of stuff.

We're off to enjoy the day. I can't write or execute files, so I'll shut this thing down.


Mike Golch said…
did you creat a back up disc,if so use that and your laptop should be fine again.
Grandy said…
What does the .exe thing mean exactly? Is it time to call the geek squad? I would.
Suzanne said…
Mike, I have a backup disk somewhere, but that was made when I got the new hard drive. This means it's in a box.

Grandy, .exe's are what tell the computer to run the programs! Right now, the only thing I can do is surf the net. I still need to get Ed to look at it, so that I can apply for jobs and do our taxes.

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