1,000 Words About a Big Bunch of Bloggers

1000 Words about a whole bunch of bloggers

Post 1000 is all about sharing the linky love and telling you about the bloggers who inspire, motivate, and make me laugh. The idea came from The Nails “88 Lines about 44 Women”, and I was going to do this about 100 bloggers. However, I don’t think 10 words per blogger was going to cut it. We’ll see where the word count takes us. Alas, the first blog that I got hooked on is now dormant. PollyPI, we miss you…
Amalah is one of the first who had me refreshing the page for new posts, cracking me up with her experiences with a newborn son. It’s been cool watching her from newborn to two adorable boys.

Julie gave a great perspective on infertility and makes you cheer that she beat the odds and now has two beautiful sons. I spent three days going through her whole archives when I found her.

Mandy is my dose of pop culture and makes me laugh with every single post! You may have seen her on TV and you’ll be really jealous of her job.

Sarah was one of the first people I met through NaBloPoMo and makes me want to move to Denver. She’s funny, she’s sweet and I miss her when she’s gone.

is another NaBloPoMo person and I want her to be my neighbor, too. (Will you move to Denver with me? LOL).

Lotus is one of a kind and even in the worst of times, she finds the best to share. To prove how well loved she is, there are a bunch of guest bloggers at her site to cover her much needed break.

Grandy took on NaBloPoMo as a newbie blogger and here we are, just over a year later and she’s become a rock star blogger. She has a gift for telling tales and making what should be scary funny.

Saffa has had wonderful travels in her life that she tells tales of so well. (I’m psyched for what the future holds for her and her Prince Charming, Milord). If I win the lottery, I’m flying Down Under, because I really want to hang out with Saffa!

Shannon takes what life gives her and makes the best lemonade (and blog posts about it). I love when she shares pictures of her two beautiful girls. She’s wise beyond her years and is beautiful, inside and out.

Robin and I met because of Disney but bonded over RSD. I think the world is in trouble when we actually meet up IRL! This lady is going to end up on the NY Times bestseller list someday.

Gail is a brilliant mind, and wants to shape future ones. In six months in her new hometown, she’s jumped in and gotten involved. She was one of the best people to keep me informed on the recent elections!

Audrey’s got a great husband, adorable dogs and a new job that’s keeping her busy. She may not write as often, but I look forward to every dispatch. I there was a way to send her the WFDW leftovers, I would!

Joyce kept telling me I needed to read Lou. She’s absolutely right. He works in a left brain world, but his off hours show just how much right brain this man uses! He paints, he writes fiction, he’s a photographer and a gifted blogger, too. Can’t wait to go to BlogHer and give the guy a hug!

story will make you cry. Seriously. Once you get through the sadness that he’s endured, you see how he’s giving his daughter Madeline, enough love for two. (and they’ll be in the January 16th People magazine, too.)

is one of those people whose name I kept seeing on other blogs. She has the wackiest family-especially when they celebrate birthdays. I want to grow up to be just like her!

Thanks to Lotus, I found Loralee and gosh, this woman is freaking hilarious. She tells you not to read the archives, but I think I’m going to break that rule soon. She’s got a hilarious You Tube parody, “Dancing in Cache Valley.”

Songbird and I go way back, thanks to the love of Disney. She keeps me in touch with life on Long Island. Sometimes she seems like the big sister that Giggles and I *should* have had.

Vixen is Shannon’s mom, and she’s the mama to a blogging den. They’re all fantastic writers and photographers. I enjoy the glimpse into their gatherings from different perspectives.

Ruff Diamond is Vixen’s daughter in law. She’s had a rough year, but the blog shows how strong she is, even if she doesn’t see it herself. Another beautiful person, inside and out.

Jientje is a new find but that’s because I wasn’t paying attention to the Blog365 rolls. Photographer and foodie, I think we’ll get along just fine! If I get over to Europe, I will meet this woman!

Stephen is an amazing illustrator. I love seeing his perspective on riding the subway, or multiple sketches of the same place, because they’re always fresh. It’s also amazing to see the process from draft to book cover show up on his blog.

is my friend of longest standing and after being the blogging world’s best commenter, she’s decided that writing isn’t so bad, after all. Yay!

Bohemian Moon was found because of my guilty pleasure of Monday night TLC viewing. She’s up on current events and reality tv, but it’s not regurgitated tabloids-BoMoon makes you think.

Bonnie’s another Blog365’er that has a great sense of humor and is always good to pop in and check up with every once in a while. She’s the first blogging buddy that I saw was using Twitter, so we can blame her for my addiction.

I love visiting Anna’s site, because not only is she a great writer, she’s a very gifted children’s photographer. And she is an awesome cook, too!

Krisscop is a great person to come pick me up when I’m feeling down. Her blog is a slice of real life.

I found Neil’s Christmahannukwahzaakah concert last spring and bookmarked it, with plans to come back. Then he found me on Twitter and I love the dose of New York. I’m hoping the red underwear found him a new love! ;)

Thanks to message boards, I’ve encountered some really cool people and some extremely talented ones, too. I love looking at Nathan and Jensey’s blog because they’re stunning photographers-now nationally published!
So thank you, one and all. For inspiring, cheering and supporting. Thanks for commenting. (kudos to Mike Golch, commenter extrordinaire!) Thanks for nagging me when I didn’t write enough and calling when I did to tell me that I was doing good (still haven't made anyone snort soda through their nose, so it's a goal for the next 1000). Thanks for putting up with the crappy writing and to all those who inspire me to become a better writer.

Most of all, for listening-and the friendships we've formed on the information highway.

May the next 1,000 bring more friends and strengthen the existing bonds.

And may the next 1,000 not take another 39 ½ months!


Grandy said…
What a GREAT list!!! I appreciate the explanation on some of the who's who. Didn't know Vixen was Mom to Shannon. We could have our own little soap.

Thanks for including me in your list, and for the kind words lady. :)
thanks for the shout-out, suzanne. and thanks for introducing me to the blogosphere.
Jibber Jabber said…
Thanks for the shout-out and the kind words too.
Suzanne said…
Grandy, no no no no Thank YOU for all the laughs you bring!

SB, I'm glad you dipped your toe in, too. You're doing darn good at it, too.

Joyce, you know, someday I'm going to be saying "I knew her when..." but I won't bring up anything embarrassing!
Jientje said…
What a great list Suzanne!! There are obviously A LOT of interesting blogs on your blogroll! Thanks for including me my friend, and if you're ever coming to Europe, you're more than welcome!!
Rebecca said…
Wait! Lou's going to BlogHer? Now I wanna go!
Suzanne said…
Jientje, Thanks! You live in a beautiful place and gosh the history and culture fascinate me. :)

Rebecca, BlogHer's in Chicago-do you think we could keep Lou away from that many women bloggers in one place?
Rebecca said…
D'oh! I totally blanked out on the "Chicago's very near Lou" thing. Yeah, he'll be there... and the girls will LOVE HIM! :)
Okay, so it only took me this long to say thank you! But I wanted to take a peek at all the ones that were new to me first, and I DID love them! Thank you so much for spreading the linky love around the blogosphere.

audrey said…
I know I'm ridiculously late in reading this, but thank you so much for the awesome link love! (And for being understanding of my more-sporadic posting schedule these days.)

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