A Little Housecleaning

I realized I haven't updated my blogroll in a couple of months. Look for some changes over there soon.

I'm debating putting the Twitter link on the side bar. That debate has been raging for a while.

There is no badge to show that I am a kick butt, blogged every day in 2008 (even the 29th of February, the designated day of rest). I might have been disappointed, but I'll console myself with leaving up the blog blingy that has the ever adorable Amos adjacent to me. That little man is now an even cuter toddler!

Housecleaning you DON'T want to deal with:if a friend leaves a comment on your page that your picture is on some website, absolutely, positively DO NOT go to the link! They've been hacked.

Speaking of hacked, I've seen it happen this week on someone's UStream feed and another person's well traveled blog. It sucks that people can be malicious and hack into stuff that doesn't belong to them. Perhaps take the time to update your passwords, virus settings and run some scans for bots and cookies.

And you thought I was talking about the HOUSE! Silly people...


Jientje said…
Yes, I was!!!
I have to do some of that today too!

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