The Real Me

Lotus is taking a well deserved break from blogging right now. As a result, she's had plenty of talented friends and bloggers guest for her. I'm slated to help out, but I don't know if you'd say I fall in that talented camp. Right now, I'm waiting for the right inspiration that speaks her name. It will come.

Anyway, Jenny from Mommin It up is the poster for today. She spoke of going to one of the blogger meets and having to reveal what was under the pant leg, the unshaven calf for the blogger to her right to cop a feel. The rationale is that we all have facets of ourselves that we share with the world, but the messy house? the hair disasters? the lounge around clothes? Not so much. Jenny challenged us all to show our mediocre selves, the imperfect, the not quite ready for prime time viewing.

Jess posted a similar challenge a few months back and you all got to see the stern "Mom eyes", the ones that say you'd better put that cookie down now, mister, you didn't eat all your dinner. The picture that sent me into the bathroom to tweeze because my God, how did I let my brows get that out of hand?!

You're not getting that piece of imperfection today. Besides, do you really want to look at the glassy eyed, red nose from incessant blowing picture of me? No, you don't, because it'll be a downer that colds suck and it'll be you soon enough doing the same.

Instead, I decided to show you my hand. A benefit to not schlepping boxes, moving crap and doing all of those stuff that keeps them very short. The other day, I pulled out the nail polish and put a couple of coats on. You know what? My fingers don't look so stubby when I have nails.
Unfortunately, the beauty of the length is lost in the fact that I was dishes, do laundry and other stuff that kills a manicure in the first day.

Jenny is right. I realize that there have been many times where I wanted to take a picture, but was stopped by the pile of crap on the table or the legos strewn about the floor. A good housekeeper I am not, but in the blogosphere, you don't see that. However, today, you see that while I may be clean, I'm not so well groomed!

How about you?


Jientje said…
I'm far too busy a person to wear nail polish, and whenever my nails have reached a decent length, one of them breaks. The day before that party where you wanted to show them off?
right now I have 8 perfect nails. I very seldom have 10 perfect nails. if I pay $20 for a manicure it lasts a weekk...but since I am paying college tuition I am doing my own nails, and the polish starts peeling in a day or 2.
Suzanne said…
Jientje, that's usually what happens to me, too! I probably should cut these down before that happens!

SB, When I spend the money on the manicure, I'm far more careful. When I do it myself, I don't care about the brillo and then the nails suffer!
Janna said…
Liked the honesty in this one. If you want to see something honest (and a little embarassing) check out this:

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