Perhaps the Worst Box Office Return EVER

I don't know about you, but the more I see a movie advertised, the more skeptical I become about how good the movie will be. Such is the case for "Surfer, Dude!" It doesn't matter what channel we've watched, there have been at least two commercials per hour.

Ed and I both wondered if this was a direct to video release. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were that hard up to do a DTV release? Off to Wiki to see what the story was.

No, it was in theatres. For three weeks. It opened in one and made a whopping $5,971 opening weekend. The maximum number of screens in that twenty one day run was 69 screens. Wiki lists a gross of $69, 497, while lists a total gross of $52,132. Either way, the film didn't crack six figures, while it cost
six million to produce. Um, that means the box office GROSS (at best, mind you) was 1.1% of its production budget! Yikes. I don't want o be the one explaining that one to investors.

Taking it a step further, if the average movie ticket is $8.50, then over the course of 21 days, only 8,177 (or possibly only 6133 if you go by boxofficemojo) people
saw this movie. 389 people per day, for 6 people per screen, per day. I'll bet it cost more to do a printing run of the movie posters than the movie earned in the box office!

So, if you want to see the movie that quite possibly had the worst box office gross ever, you'll have to buy or rent the DVD. You can see two minutes of the 98 in the trailer below. However, you're probably getting the best of the movie in that two minutes.

Perhaps a sign of the suckage? Woddy Harrelson says to Matthew McConaughey "Dude, as your manager, I'm telling you we've got financial worries, man. We've got to fertilize the money tree so it, like, keeps growing." Kind of sums up the reasons for the heavy promotion of the video release, don't you think?

**in the interest of full disclosure, I couldn't get more than a minute into the 'official' trailer, because the ones I've already been subjected to on television were really bad...


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