What's For Dinner Wednesday

Or in this case, "How fast will Donna hop in the car and drive down here?"

Last week, I made a pasta dish that's been dubbed Pasta Asiago. It was such a hit, that Chef Jr has asked me to make it three times since we finished the leftovers. If Gameboy is in earshot, he's agreed.

I think this is in part because they love their pasta and since I've been cooking almost every night, there hasn't been as much pasta on the table. Last night, Chef stepped it up by asking for macs and cheese. Then, in a twist that can only happen in our house, we debated the merits of making it with asiago or cheddar. Ultimately,we chose cheddar.
The color did not come from cheese, rather a touch of anatto and some curry powder, which gave really nice flavor.

However, my plan all along was to make a Gyro style meatloaf. I adore greek food and after the success of the pastitsio, decided it was time to learn how to make one of my other greek favorite, Gyros. I found a good recipe-but can't find any ground lamb around here. Instead, I made it with beef and the seasoning is definitely right, but the meat is a little denser. The tsitsiki sauce is perfect. Now I need to make some french fries, because that is my favorite thing to top fried spud with!

Both items were probably the best thing to enjoy while dealing with a sore throat.

Now I've got a week to debate exactly what I'm going to do with some goat cheese I'd bought for Christmas, then promptly forgot I had...


Janna said…
I'm thinking you should write a cookbook. I'd buy it!
sounds yummy. I put tzaziki on a baked potato.
Suzanne said…
Janna, Thanks! I'm thinking about it. For the Next Food Network Star, you have to provide 25-30 original recipes. I've got them, but I'm always doing new stuff.

SB, tzaziki on potato sounds yummy. After making a homemade batch, it's a lot better for you than anything else you can put on a spud.

Oh and the proof that the recipe was right. The fact that they caused "Gyro burps" for the rest of the night. Donna will know what I'm talking about, lol!

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