Wandering a Historic Landmark

This afternoon, we did something as a family that Ed and I have wanted to do for as long as we've lived in Florida, and that was visit Florida Southern College's campus. Ir is the largest single site in the world containing Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture.

Ed and I are both huge fans of his work. At one point, we lived 90 minutes away from Falling Water. Alas, we never thought to go until we lived 3 hours away-and discovered that children are not permitted on the tour. It's hard to secure someone to watch the kids for that length of time. Someday, we'll see it, and stay at this place in Wisconsin.

Wright's master plan for the college contained 18 buildings, using elements organic to Florida. Ultimately, eight buildings of his design and many esplandes connecting the campus were finished. What's interesting to note is that several other buildings were later designed by a student of Wright's and follow his style.

Come along as we see for ourselves. A note: I took almost 200 pictures in the two hours we were there today. In the interests of entry size, there will be two posts.

The ET Roux Library/Thad Buckner Building. The closeups show how detailed Wright's architectural elements can be.

Esplande. One of many that connect the buildings throughout the campus. The striking thing about these is that they're SHORT, barely seven feet tall. Each column was sponsored, with the name engraved into each one.

Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. To say that this building was stunning inside is an understatement. It was just announced that the college has received a huge grant to restore the building and reinforce many of the aging elements. My photography skills do not do this justice. I'm thinking I'm going back with my trusty old SLR, some slide film and a tripod. Inside was so colorful and peaceful-I also want to shoot it from the outside at night, as the majority of the bricks cast for this building have colored glass embedded in them.

In the distance, you can see Lake Hollingsworth. It's really only about a hundred yards from where we're standing.

Historic Landmark Designation.

Esplande between the Emile E Watson and Benjamine Fine Administration Buildings. Yes, I laid down on the ground to get that shot because I just thought it was too cool to miss that perspective.

The famous Water Dome. We were there during the scheduled performance time, but I suspect it doesn't run when school is out of session. Another excuse to go back.

More pictures to come tomorrow. Or in a little bit. Let's hope that Blogger doesn't pull the "I'll reverse the order you uploaded the pictures until you purposely reverse the order-then I'll do it the way you asked me to order them!"


Suzanne said…
I didn't even get to put the text in yet, lady!
Jientje said…
Thanks for the tour Suzanne, it's an amazing site.
I love how you do anything for the right perspective. I have never laid on my back to get a picture before though, but I think I will. Eventually.
Suzanne said…
SB, thanks! I enjoyed taking them.

Jientje, after seeing your wonderful landscape/architectural shots, I'd love to see what your pictures of this place would look like.

I think I did some odd things when I went to St.Augustine with Donna, perhaps I laid down there, too. :)

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