Honest Scrap

Janna bestowed me with an award today. Mondays are the day that need a boost, and finding an email of an award on a Monday is a pleasant surprise. Janna is a recent follower that I've had the pleasure of reading a prolific blog that features pictures of two adorable little boys. Go take a look, you'll be glad you did!

As for the award?

The rules for the Honest Scrap award: The honorees are to: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

1. My first boyfriend, or rather 'friend who happened to be a boy' moved away from our hometown the year I was going into sixth grade. Over summer breaks, he'd come back and spend the summer at his grandmother's house the next town over.

The summer he turned 15 and me 14, he wasn't supposed to come back to visit, because they were moving to Oregon. He did anyway, and had a surprise: he tattooed my name up his whole forearm!

Apparently, they showed how you could tattoo yourself on "That's Incredible", which is why he had Suzanne in 2" high letters in blue ink up his arm. At least it was spelled correctly, but dude, that's probably a rough one to explain nowadays. So, I inspired someone to permanently write my name on their body and we haven't talked since 1980. Sorry, D.

2. I used to ride my bicycle a lot. Seriously, a lot. My dad and I, on a visit to Brands, the local biking mecca, grabbed a guide to 'Bike tours of Nassau County'. One looked really good-a seven mile bike ride through Old Westbury, past the grounds of New York Tech and CW Post College. One summer day, I decided I'd do it. It was a 10 mile ride TO the starting point of the tour on the map and I decided I wanted different scenery for the ride home. So I rode 42 miles in one day. It's no wonder why my wrists are so bad...

3. My first concert was Shaun Cassidy. Seriously. I think I've mentioned my 4' high "Born Late" album cover my sister Peggy's friend claimed from the record store he worked at. Yeah.

My best friend and I went to the concert and I remember how cool I thought I was, in my rust colored culottes and feathered hair. Afterwards, I regretted the decision to wear such fashion forward (ha) attire, because we had a long wait for our ride-and this concert was right after blizzard number 3 had dumped another 20 plus inches of snow on Long Island.

4.My best friend and I from high school got parts as extras in a Dorothy Puzo film. Mario's daughter. Lisa's dad owned the shopping center where Dorothy wanted to film several scenes and as we were both drama students, Mr. Lisa's dad said she could-if she found some parts for his daughter and her friend in the film.

That's why, on a balmy August morning, you see the two of us holding up the wall of a retro shopping center, wearing wool pea coats, hats, gloves and snow boots. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure you couldn't tell it was me even if you were well acquainted. No, I'm not in the IMDB, so obviously, it was uncredited!

5. I have narrow feet. Oh wait, scratch that, I have one narrow foot and one wide foot now. My shoes, especially those Dr. Scholl's sandals, use to fly off my feet ahead of me when I walked. It wasn't until five years ago, when I went to a full service shoe store and had my feet measured that I found out that hey, you've got an A width foot! I finally got a pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

Alas, those shoes, once the most comfortable pair of work shoes I owned, cannot be worn now-because the vascular issues have made the left foot either a D or E width!

6.I have a very small jaw. When it was decided that I needed braces, the orthodontist said my mouth would not fit all the teeth. That's why I had twelve teeth extracted-in one day. He was right-though I could have kept the tooth in front of one of my molars. It got yanked and no amount of orthodontia could keep that back molar from listing like a sinking ship. It makes it mighty annoying to try to brush that one tooth!

7. I think I've mentioned this one before, but why not relive it? My boyfriend didn't want take me to the senior prom because he couldn't afford it, so I went with one of my friends-and ended up paying for everything but his tux rental, anyway.

My prom date? I ran into him with Rich years later on a train out of NYC. I couldn't understand why this obviously gay guy was really staring at me the whole hour long ride out of Penn. I even commented to Rich that every time I looked up, the guy was STARING at me.

We get up to get off the train and the guy who'd been staring at me did, too. He walked up to us and says "Suzie, I cannot believe that you don't recognize me, C, your PROM DATE!" Yes, I belong to that not so very exclusive sisterhood, "My Prom Date was gay." Probably explains why when I first moved to Maryland, the bestest friends I made were the gay guys.

8. In honor of the number eight. The fastest way to confuse people is to tell them you're one of eight kids, but you're your dad's oldest, your mom's seventh and your niece became a mom before you did! All true.

To clarify-My mom had six kids with her first husband, me and Giggles with my dad and there's a 19 year gap between oldest and youngest. My niece is only 6 years younger than me and had her first at 21, I was 27. Hey, I can look on the bright side. My Mom and oldest sister Legacy were both grandmothers by the time they were my age!

9.In my house, if you know you had something, but can't find it, even after searching for a while, you just have to say "Uncle Charlie, give it up. This is NOT FUNNY anymore!" and odds are, it will be on whatever surface that is right behind you when you turn around. This is especially true with ingredients to make food.

10. I am allergic to stuff that they say people aren't allergic to. Things like:
Ivory Soap (and many soaps) 99 94/100% pure hell with the itching it causes.
Calamine lotion (contains iodine)
Hydrocortisone (can't soothe itching with THAT one)
Benzyl alcohol (used as a suspension fluid in many injectable medications). When the time comes for daily Heparin or Lovenox injections (I'm one strike clot away from that happening), we'll have to be really careful to read the labels to see which ones I can use.

Thankfully, I've got great doctors who remember that I'm allergic to some really strange stuff and get the all clear when prescribing or treating me with new stuff.

Let's see, which seven can I torture bestow with this honor?

1. Jibber Jabber with JA - because as a newbie, she hasn't earned an award yet. I also want to see what stuff I don't know about one of my friends of long standing! (she's getting sensitive about that 'oldest friend' stuff!)
And in a little over a week of blogging, she's got more followers than I do, so I think she'll find some victims honorees without any trouble!
2. Songbird's Crazy World - I've known SB for a few years through some message boards, but the blogging thing has allowed me to learn more.
(and you two will notice I'm trying to be nice and not go after everyone you might ask!)
3.Wanderings of a Saffa Chick I'm so glad she joined up in one of the blogging challenges last year, because it's always a pleasure to read what Saffa has to say.
4.So...What Else, What Else, What Else-Geggie is probably going to kill me for this one, since she's about to travel for work again, but hey, if she gets snowed in and can't leave Chicago, this is something fun to do!
5. Love Ya, Mean It I want to see what comic spin Robin is going to put on such a list.
6. Heaven In Belgium Jientje is also a new follower and I'm kicking myself that I hadn't clicked on her name in those myriad comments I'd seen her leave everywhere in the past year! She's a Blog365 superstar and I'm having fun going back through all those posts. This woman is a wonderful photographer!
7. Ramblings of All Sorts Becca is so very good at the comment love. It's always cool to go check her out to see what's on her mind (or drawing board!)

Thanks to Janna for the award and thanks to you all for reading!


Janna said…
Oh, I love your list! Your poor ex-boyfriend... lets just hope he met a different Suzanne and got married to her.

My Prom date was my friend's boyfriend. She went with a friend because of some stupid pact they had, and I got the leftovers! Yeah, it was a big letdown.

And yes, I am completely confused by number eight. It feels like a logic problem that I don't quite understand.

Thanks for playing along!
Jibber Jabber said…
Argh, reveal honest stuff about myself. Hey, I'm not that interesting. But, since you have bestowed to me my first award-I'll have to play along. Btw, I'm no techie, how do I copy the bling?
Saffa Chick said…
Hiya! Maybe it'll take my mind off bluebottles ;-)

I hope I can find things as interesting as yours. I just love the tattoo story!
here you go:

Jientje said…
Wow!!! Thanks for the award Suzanne!! really, it's too much honour, I merely click a button you know? But I am honoured, I'll try to pass it along as soon as I can but you should know one thing, I suck at them!
Suzanne said…
Janna, that tattoo left me speechless and as Joyce and the rest of them can assure you, I am RARELY speechless!

Ugh on the prom date thing. Your friend got the best of both worlds and you got the short end of the stick.

Joyce, just call your personal blog tech support when you're ready to post the thing! ;)

Saffa, you've got plenty of great stories to share! And I have news for you, you're allowed to think about Bluebottles constantly!

SB, thanks! I enjoyed reading them!

Jientje, I enjoyed your facts, too. Chef has the same kind of colorblindness as your husband-and green is his favorite color!

I think it's neat that you save them all up so that no one is left out. :)

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