Testing and a Countdown

If all goes well, this post will not show up on the blog as soon as I hit publish. I'm testing the abilities of Blogger to schedule a post for a later date, so that I can put up a post while we are incommunicado while camping soon. If it doesn't work, I do have a guest blogger lined up for the day. If we go that route, it'll be quite interesting to see what she has to say!

After fourteen plus months of doing this, I'm wondering if I will become antsy when it's 10pm and I haven't written for the day. Perhaps I should bring a notebook and do some offline writing for later publication, so that I can fulfill that inner urge to print *something* every day.

As for the countdown, in seven posts I will have written 1,000 entries. When I started this thing, it was hard to imagine what it would become. Certainly, the number 1,000 didn't enter my mind. That's probably a good thing, because I would have choked that anyone expected that much out of my writing. Funny how things grow and become second nature, that you don't even pay attention to it until the Dashboard says 938 posts and then it's "Holy Crap, I'm coming up on a thousand!"

I have no idea what post 1000 will contain. It probably won't be anything special, because I can't come up with anything to use to mark the occasion. Which is to say I have an idea that borrows from one of my favorite songs from the 80s. If I were to do that, I need to start today to have it ready in time for later this week. At the rate I'm going, that milestone will happen on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not only has posting daily become ingrained, I find that I have more to say, not less. This generates two posts more often than not.

***ETA-The scheduling feature does work! I'd heard that it didn't, but I've seen others use it successfully. Good to know!


Mike Golch said…
closing in on a thousand? man do I have a ways to go.I just toppe 600.
I havused scheduling several times.

have fun camping.
Jibber Jabber said…
Wow! 1000 posts. Ok, I promise not to complain when you take a day off.
Saffa Chick said…
I love knowing that wenever I visit here you'll have written something ;-). And that inspires me to write because I know you'll be stopping by!

I use the scheduling thingy a fair bit when I'm inspired to post more than once in a day...

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