I Can't Wait Until February 6th

Because I'll get to meet MANY of Tampa's top employers at the Career Builder Job Fair!!! Take a look and maybe you'll want to join me?

Obviously, the job market here is just so awesomely terrific that Middleton Lawn & Pest Control, Primerica and Avon are the TOP employers in the area.

Considering how many solicitation emails I'm getting from Tru Green recruiters that strangely have the same copy, yet they're from different people, I suspect the commission based lawn care business isn't so lucrative these days. Jobing.com had the best represented and attened job fairs locally, but they are suspending future job fairs until further notice. At least they are seeing the writing on the wall and know that if they sent out an email touting "Top Employers", they'd better be REAL employers offering a salary, not a commission only job.

I suppose this shouldn't surprise me, considering that Career Builder sends me an email once a week with the 'latest jobs in Lakeland', yet when I open it, there are NONE! To find any job postings in Lakeland, you have to go back 30 days.

What's sad is that hundreds of people will show up, thinking that there will be REAL job prospects at the fair. As for me, I'm not wasting the gas.


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