And Now, The Things You Expect To See

When you visit Busch Gardens!

Yesterday, Gameboy had his psychiatrist visit in Tampa. I normally schedule those so that we're back in Lakeland by the time Chef Jr is out of school. However, when I made the appointment, I didn't know that we would have a weekly class nearby at 6pm.

I couldn't see the sense in driving 45 minutes home from the Dr only to head back out two hours later for the class. What's a mom to do? Well, I was a bad one-I pulled Chef Jr out of class for the first time this year and we went to Busch Gardens after we were done with Gameboy's doctor.

Why? Because you can see the freaking roller coasters from his doctor's office and because we don't have to pay for admission, since we already have APs. Oh, and the cooler weather probably meant the park would be lightly traveled.

That was definitely true. Perhaps there were 500-1000 cars in that lot, and we only saw one Brazillian tour group. It was 55 degrees and sunny. Perfect for walking around, and a little brisk for my first ride on a coaster in sub 70 degree temperatures!

Someday, Gameboy will smile for the camera.

Mom, there will be no flash photography of Jedi Force Pushes!

On the trail

I see you trying to steal my soul, woman!

The shutter setting and the Gorilla's fur makes this look like a pastel to me.

Peek a boo!

On the move.

Aaaaack! Double Force pushed. This is the enduring legacy of this year's Christmas gifts.

The normally shy Rhino of the Rhino Rally


We walked all the way to Timbuktu!

Chef Jr is now 52". We are in trouble-he gets his OWN bumper car!

There were crazy people actually riding the Congo River Rapids in 50 degree weather. What's scary is that both kids hit me up for quarters for the water cannons and I gave them each one! Alas, the water cannons were shut down.

Look! The rarely seen in captivity Flying Blue Chinese Take Out Boxes!

Artsy Fartsy Nature shot

Sometimes, it's good to play hooky with the kids for an afternoon. We each got to go on a ride we liked and enjoyed the relaxed pace in the park before heading to class.


Jientje said…
It looks like you had a great afternoon!
ligirl said…
SO totally jealous. My mom pulled me out of school OCCASIONALLY, but it was usually for shopping of some kind. Never for anything as cool as an amusement park visit!
Jibber Jabber said…
No, never got pulled out of school, not even for doctor's appointments...
Suzanne said…
Jientje, it was a nice few hours.

Donna, I'm sure the kids won't remember what they studied on this day-but they'll remember ditching school early with Mom to go to an amusement park!

Joyce, alas, the only time we can see this doctor is during school hours. Last appointment is at 4, and school lets out at 3:55. At least he has the same teacher for five of his classes...

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