What's For Dinner Wednesday

What do you get when you have a coffee for breakfast a coffee for lunch and don't eat dinner until 7pm? A very jittery Suzanne!

I didn't mean to skip meals, but my appetite is still a little out of whack from being sick last week. The job interview went very well-and very long, so I ended up heading home after 4pm without stopping for lunch.

The plan for today was to make General Tsao's Chicken. I stopped at the asian market near where I had my interview, and thought I had a couple of neccessary ingredients. Then I got home and surprise, I didn't.

At that point, I was too hungry to whip up something I haven't featured in WFDW before. This means you see three views of the same meal!

Mine, a nice cold salad that was enjoyed with chunks of warm fried chicken and honey mustard dressing:

Chef Jr's, chicken dippers with honey mustard and a salad with bleu cheese dressing:

And Gameboy, with the pleasant surprise thousand island dressing and chicken tenders! (he hates pickles, so I am confused that he'll inhale thousand island!)

In my travels tomorrow, I'll get the remaining ingredients when I go by the market tomorrow and will give it another attempt on Friday.


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