Christmas Trees as Abstract Art

In preparing for the possibility of the Blog365'ers I follow taking a well deserved break, I happened to look on their blogs to find others who've run the marathon. My rationale is that now I'd have a year's worth of archived reading for these people to make up for losing a few favorites off the daily feed.

One of those finds, Jientje, commented yesterday. Once I looked at her blog, I half kicked myself that I hadn't checked her out sooner and half cheered "Oh look at the pretty pictures!". The pictures of Belgium help to satiate the wanderlust in my bones, and the food pictures, well, she's a girl after my own heart (but a much better photographer).

She posted a picture that used the technique of 'dropping' the camera to give movement to the pictures. It made me want to try it, but with my own twist. First, Bob and Maureen's Christmas Tree:

These were taken with a museum setting and spinning the camera to and fro.

Once at home, I had to try it with our little frenzied tree full of lights. Here are a few of those, which I really like:

Later today, a photo essay based on a last minute trip to the store yesterday!


Jientje said…
What fun pictures!!! How nice you tried this!! I like #3 best, if I may say so!! Your compliments made me blush Suzanne, I will be visiting here as much as I can too! I think you've just found yourself a new friend!
Rebecca said…
I really like that first "at home" shot. :)
Suzanne said…
Jienttje, I'm really enjoying your pictures!

Rebecca, thanks! It reminds me of neon.

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