Missing Maryland

It took a lot of convincing on Ed's part to get me to move to Florida. I enjoyed many things about Maryland, and I didn't want to leave. In fact, if the opportunity presented itself, I'd go back right now, RSD be damned. I loved the fall, the scenery, the friends, the food.

I didn't even mind one hour commutes to work, because most of the daily drives, whether from Hancock to Frederick, or Frederick to Dulles, involved drives through some rolling hills, pastures and scenic vistas. It probably was a good thing to have to commute, because I could listen to NPR or WTOP during the drive to or from work.

(an aside here-I am in radio and television HELL compared to LI and DC!)

The events occurring in DC right now make me miss Maryland most. The news coverage would be far better than what the networks are covering, especially that radio coverage. The ability to drive to the MARC station, or down to Shady Grove Metro to actually be there for the Inaugural procession would be nice.

Instead, we'll be here in Florida, watching on the TV. If we lived there, we'd probably be complaining about the temperature and the crowds, anyway.


Mike Golch said…
yep. every place has its pluses and minuses

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