What's For Dinner Wednesday

Dinner tonight was a surprise to Ed. He came home for dinner, fully expecting me to have Pastitsio waiting. If I did that, it'd make WFDW a little boring!

Instead I took mental inventory of the things I had available to cook. The pantry is running low, to be replenished once Ed gets paid tomorrow. I had a couple of boxes of pasta and a carbonara/primavera/alfredo type dish began swimming around my brain. I was thinking bacon, peas and carrots in an alfredo sauce. It was sounding pretty good. As we only drink skim milk, I stopped at the market for some Half and Half and I was good to go to make the cheese sauce.

Once home, I remembered there was ham and a brick of Asiago. We had peas, but no carrots. So the original dish was slightly altered but it contained
Tri Color Pasta Spirals
Asiago cheese sauce
Ham Chunks

Leave out the peas and the boys ate it. I think Ed was with them-the frozen peas around here taste very earthy. Next time, if Aldi's got frozen asparagus, I'll get that and chop it in. Maybe I'll do it with the bacon I was originally planning to use tonight. Once again, I'm saying TGFL (Thank God for Leftovers!) However, that Pastitsio? It'll be ready to eat-tomorrow.


Janna said…
That looks good. I think I might need to try that.
Jientje said…
The best meals are made when you have next to nothing in the house, that's when one gets creative and invents new recipes with what's left in the pantry, right?
Suzanne said…
Janna, it was simple and was a huge hit with the kids. It's like having a grown up mac and cheese.

Jientje, it was either that or cocoa spaghetti, lol!

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