Mixing Movie Metaphors

The players:

Chef Jr

The locale:

The car, driving home.

Ed, Gameboy and Chef are talking about Star Wars Characters, centering around Force Unleashed. Chef suspects that one character is the grandfather of Boba Fett. Discussion between Ed and the boys continues as to why.

Ed: Why do you think he's the grandfather?
Chef: He's got the same body armor and is a bounty hunter
Ed: That doesn't mean anything. Besides, he could have bought the armor.
Chef: Where would he buy armor like that?
Gameboy: There aren't any shops on Geonosis.
Ed: Well, he could have taken a vacation at Cloud City.
Chef: Why would he want to do that?
Ed: Well, maybe it reminded him of his home.
Chef: It's not the type of place to vacation, you know?
Suzanne: Maybe it reminded him of his brains, you know, full of air.
Chef: But Cloud City is full of people!
Suzanne: So is Soylent Green.


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