Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

So, you're a musically inclined person. You like to sing? Can read music? Maybe play an instrument or two, like the piano and glockenspiel? Then, do you think Guitar Hero *might* be a worthwhile and easy game to play?

Well, in the battle of Suzanne vs. Guitar Hero, I lost and it won. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, since I don't even play air guitar.

Let's see:
I had this need to press the buttons ON the beat, rather than a half beat before.
The wrists, they don't like when I flex that much.
That rocker thing where you'd pluck the strings? Yeah, I suck.

Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of fun. When you're watching others, like maybe someone who REALLY knows how to play guitar (like Ed) do a song.

I got boo'ed off the stage. Twice. Less than a minute into the song.

Since I don't see Piano Hero as a likely future release, I'll just have to relax and be part of the audience.

How about you? I'm pretty sure anyone out there that has played with Guitar Hero couldn't possibly suck at it as bad as I did!


Jibber Jabber said…
Can't say that I've played it, but the half a beat before thing would drive me nuts.
Janna said…
I played it at best buy. It was set to advanced. Needless to say, I got booed off within 4 chords.

I hear that some people enjoy it. I don't know that I am coordinated enough to be one of those people.

I gave you an award on my blog. You're welcome to do whatever with it that you want!
Suzanne said…
Joyce, apparently, guitarists are used to this. I am no guitarist.

Janna, tell you what-we'll be in the audience. We can drink and relax while the coordinated folk have to focus on getting 60 notes in a row!

BTW, thanks for the award. :)

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