Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Mary Poppins

I just saw a commercial for the 45th anniversary edition of Mary Poppins. What? No way. I remember when I bought my 40th anniversary CD and DVD and I already lived here in Florida. Oh, wait. June will be 5 years since I moved here. Time really flies.

The CD library here has more than a few soundtracks, and actually has TWO versions of this soundtrack. It's always held a special place in my heart.

In the third grade, one of our elementary school teachers left for maternity leave. She missed the kids so much that she volunteered to direct a play while she was on leave. This was the first school play I was in, and the first school wide production we did.

Initially, I auditioned without singing, but a friend was too nervous to go up by herself, so I went up and we sang "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore." I got a part, she didn't-which made me feel bad. Later that year, she and I had roles in our class play that were pretty much joined at the hip, though.

In the play, I was assigned the role of an "Animal in the Park", and that was so that we had enough voices on stage to sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and the finale "Let's Go Fly A Kite". (When my dad passed away, I found my purple kite among his things.) My mom crafted me a fantastic squirrel costume from some crushed velvet, too.

The best part of being in the play was hearing the music. The Sherman brothers have a way of conveying the mood so well, being deliriously happy with some, and seeing the pictures painted with the words of others. Even 30 plus years later, the soundtrack is one of my favorites.

As for favorite songs, "Spoonful of Sugar" and "Feed the Birds" are the ones I love best, but the whole disk puts me in a happy place.

How about you? Is there a soundtrack that just can't be beat?


Grandy said…
I'm all about any old soundtrack. But Mary Poppins is tops! ;)

Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack of "Assassins". It's a Steven Sondheim musical about all the people that have (or tried) to assassinate a president of the United States. It's a sick, funny, twisted musical. I love it. :)
Suzanne, the very first movie I ever saw in a movie theather was "Mary Poppins", and I can still remember how that felt.

Grandy, I love Sondheim, but I never got into "Assassins". I own two different versions of "Into the Woods", though.

I own 4 different versions of "Fiddler on the Roof" -- gee, I wonder why... ;-)

the soundtrack currently loaded on my iPod (I have a nano and have to rotate my music) is "evita" -- the Patti Lupone version, of course.
Jientje said…
What a wonderful memory Suzanne!
Jibber Jabber said…
I love the Mary Poppins soundtrack. But, one I can recite and sing by heart is 1776. I get to be/play John Adams and, Abigail and if that's not enough, I always sing Thomas & Martha Jefferson. Come to think of it, I sing EVERYTHING!!! We've been known to have 1776 parties on July 4th with Tim's brother and Sister-in-Law. Okay, I know, we are such geeks...
Suzanne said…
Grandy, I still haven't checked out "Assassins," even though I love the Sondheim scores.

SB, my first was Pinocchio. wonder if that has anything to do with our lifelong love of Disney! LuPone's is my favorite version of "Evita". And your taste regarding "Fiddler", well...

Jientje, thanks! I love sharing the musical memories.

Joyce, that just tells me that you found the right guy. Shall I get out the wedding video to show you how he was entranced that day? I'm a bad mom, the kids still haven't seen my copy of that. I should do that this weekend.

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