In The Past Twelve Hours

I have:

Competed and filed our Income Taxes (yay, we can pay off the bills!)
Filled out the 2008-2009 FAFSA
Filled out the 2009-2010 FAFSA
Applied to the University of South Florida
Purchased a Transcript from NCC that according to a text message, has already been prepared and is ready to ship to USF.
Left a follow up message for the case worker for the SSDI to see if she needs any more information from me.

Weird note: my Elementary, Middle, Senior and College ALL had my favorite color as a school color. It'll be weird to attend a school that doesn't have Blue!

Yes, I'm really getting on with it and preparing for enrollment in the first summer session as a junior. I have to verify if I have prerequisites as a Psychology major. When I last looked into attending USF, it was to be an Education major. This required 5 courses that I could either CLEP or take before being considered a College of Education student. If there are Psychology pre reqs, I have five PSY classes under my belt, almost as many classes taken in my major at NCC.

As soon as that tax refund hits our checking account, I need to go get two money orders and pay for the two CLEP exams that will earn me the AA and a pretty piece of paper. It'll be nice to say I have the Technical Theatre Degree, instead of just transferring the credits. That's my project for this afternoon, to get the CLEP paperwork in place and start studying.

It's the first time I actually filled out an application since 1990 to enroll back in school in Maryland. If I pay, I go. There is no turning back now!


Geggie said…
Back to school?! Good for you!
Neil said…
I agree... good for you. And older women are in with the college age guys nowadays --
Miss Ash said…
You go, girl.

I love school, myself!
Suzanne said…
Geggie and Neil, Thanks!

Neil, you always know how to crack me up. Too bad we can't get those college age girls to recognize what a catch you are!

Miss Ash, thanks! I love school, too. If I was independently wealthy, I'd become a permanent student!

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