My CAR is Cold!

Not that I have many opportunities to see this to know that my car even does this, but tonight, as we're driving home from scouts, the temperature dropped from 50 to 40 degrees in the 35 minute drive home. As I turned the corner to our neighborhood, I happened to be looking at the thermostat and the thing BLINKED at me repeatedly as is displayed the number seen below. It was like it was saying to me "DUDE, it's freaking COLD out there."

The interesting thing? We'll get to 32 tonight and 29 tomorrow night. There are scattered clouds in the area, which means that the white stuff we thought we left up north just might end up on my car!

It's been a historic day and while I miss being in the loop as far as news coverage goes (this ain't the Beltway, baby), it's been rather pleasant seeing the events of the day. I love the choice of Etta James for the President and his wife to cut the rug at each of the Inaugural balls this evening. How fitting "At Last" is tonight.

And from a few days ago, the cold is crying out for some hot cocoa and some of these:

However, we're enjoying a nice glass of red Auslese tonight.

ETA:Here's a picture from this morning, while Gameboy sat in the car waiting for his bus. Thankfully, he was toasty warm, while the bus was 25 minutes late. Why did I drive him the 100 yards to the bus stop? Because we haven't bought winter coats since moving here. It seems strange to spend 40 bucks each on jackets that might get worn one month for growing kids. If this keeps up, though, I'm going over to the Thrift store.


ligirl said…
It was 24 degrees this morning when I woke up and turned on the TV. YIKES!!! Please. If I ever, EVER bitch again that I want to move back to NY, just please punch me. Punch me in the face.

As far as yesterday...yes, it was historic! I took the day off (We already talked about that) and watched the Inauguration with my friend on his new 42" LCD HDTV! It should have been a damn national holiday as far as I'm concerned! I am SO happy we have a new President, with a new philosophy. I am finally hopeful again for the future!
Janna said…
I would LOVE it to be 39 degrees here! Bring some of that heat my way! :^)
Suzanne said…
Donna, it makes me leery of even going back to Maryland! (and you know how much I've talked about THAT lately!)

Janna, I'll be happy to send you the warm weather. Just as soon as I can figure out how the heck to get it to STAY in the box during shipping!

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