I Can Haz

Blood Orange?

Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am a Food Networkaholic. Admitting it is the first step, right? If you're addicted to Food Network, there are dozens of ingredients that you probably never heard of before that pique your interest. Daikon, anyone? Merliton?

Well, for many years, the exotic, gourmet fare that needed a kick of citrus flavor was probably bestowed with some Blood Orange: in juice, reduction or puree. One thing was certain, I wasn't going to find it in the local Weis or Martin's in Maryland. It wasn't until Wegman's opened in Dulles that I actually saw them in the store. For something like 5 bucks a pound. I'm curious, but not THAT curious.

Then we moved to Florida, land of tropical fruits for crazy cheap prices. Papayas at the local farm stand for a dollar! Avocados three for a buck, and red and yellow peppers for a fraction of what we'd paid in Maryland or New York. The offerings improved along with the prices-as long as you get it from a farm stand.

I began searching for those things that I'd only seen on TV or wasn't going to pay huge sums of money. Satsumas and Mangoes made it home. We still haven't hit the timing right for those elusive Honeybells, but we'll get those any day now.

Recently, we went to one of the big farm stands and in among all the other citrus was a sign "Blood Oranges 12/$1.35". No WAY! I had to have them, even if I was the only one in the house who ate them (Chef and I like oranges, Gameboy is indifferent and Ed can't)

I bought them. I tried them. You wanna know what?

They taste just like navel oranges.

Another mystery solved. At least they'll lend good color to the orange/pomegranate reduction that I want to make for the Tilapia soon.

**Note, if you want to show how much redder the Blood Orange is, don't photograph it inside under incandescent light. Tomorrow, the picture will be replaced. With one taken out on the sunny lanai.**


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