The Things You Hear While Swimming

I figured it out, that since Wednesday, I have worked nearly 60 hours. It's been fun, but my body has been aching. Tonight, I got home and said we needed to go to the pool.

The four of us went over to Ed's moms and took a dip. While there, some funny things were said:

-You have a Radioactive Butt, Gameboy (because he was standing in front of the colored pool light).

-Radioactive Butt, peace out! (with Richard Nixon victory sign and all, courtesy Chef Jr)

-You need to spin me more, I paid two bucks for this ride. (Chef, and the money paid kept going up)

-If you're giving me invisible money, I'm giving you invisible spins (me, to chef)

-It'll cost you four bucks to grab my butt. (chef)

-It'll cost you sixty bucks to grab my radioactive butt.

No, my kids aren't warped!


projectmommy said…
Lol! It sounds like a day at the pool with my family! I hope you guys had a lot of fun! ; )
Jennifer H said…
Ha! That's some funny material! We could probably use a trip to the pool. The natives are growing restless.

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