OPI Gelcolor, CND's Shellac, and Gelish - the pictures

An interesting thing has occurred in the last six or so months in that my blog readership has nearly tripled. Once I switched to the pay portions of Feedjit, it was easier to see the trends.

You're all here to read about the various soak off gel color nail polishes, aren't you? I end up reviewing a new color every two weeks, and posting pictures. Today, I'm putting all the pictures in one place and will continue to add the colors. This way, those of you who are curious about the nail products have one resource for the palette with links to the related blog post below it.

First, the Shellac colors:

CND's Shellac, Baroness

This was the first color I tried and I blogged at the end of two weeks about the experience.

CND's Shellac, Rock Royalty

CND's Shellac, Iced Coral and Black Pool to make USF Bulls Green

CND's Shellac, Purple Purple

CND's Shellac, Masquerade

CND's Shellac, Hotski to Tchotchke

CND's Shellac, Decadance and Rock Royalty

CND's Shellac, Black Pool with Negligee and Black Pool with Moonlight and Roses

OPI Gelcolor, Bogota Blackberry

OPI Gelcolor, Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not

OPI Gelcolor, Ink

OPI Gelcolor, Suzi Says Feng Shui

OPI Gelcolor, Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

*note-this one is extremely difficult to photograph to properly show the green tint. I'll play with this again in the future, but if you want green that beats you over the head, Shellac's Black Pool with Iced Coral shown above is a better option.

Shellac, Dark Lava layered with Silver VIP Status

OPI GelColor, I'm Not Really a Waitress

CND's Shellac Tutti Frutti, Layered

CND's Shellac Rock Royalty with Hot Chili Layered

Shellac for one month!

CND's Shellac, Black Pool layered with Hotski to Tchotchke

Gelish, Inseparable Forces-Magneto

Gelish Good Gossip

CND Shellac Limeade

CND Shellac Pretty Poison with Gold VIP Status layered

CND Shellac Azure Wish with Glitter Effects

This page will keep adding colors and links as I get more manicures, so I suggest bookmarking this if you're looking at the CND and OPI UV gel manicures, but you can stick around. I don't bite!


aj322002 said…
Hi Suzanne

I'm just discovering the joys of Shellac polish and so far have Rock Royalty and Decadence.

I'm after a nice 'burgundy' colour which I thought Decandence was, but it's come out quite a bright red.

From pics above Masquerade looks quite burgundy-ish or the mix of Rock Royalty/Decadence (does it matter which order you apply the two?).

I've also been looking at the new Dark Lava colour. Which would you recommend as a good 'burgundy' option?


Suzanne said…

Masquerade was the darker of those two shades you mentioned. It has a metallic look (and I realize the link is broken, so I'll fix that for you to see other pictures).

The Rock Royalty was the base coat, with Decadence on top. It was a very rich burgundy creme color. I loved it, and will probably do that again sometime soon.

The Dark Lava leans towards brown more than the burgundy. The closest thing I'd equate it to is a raisin or prune color. It's nice, but a little too neutral for my liking.

Fixing those links now...

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