Go Bulls, Shellac Edition

The Shellac really does make a difference on my nails. Alas, I had to work when I was supposed to get my nails done right before vacation and soaked it off. Over the course of the week and a half, those super long nails broke, one by one.

So, two weeks ago, we started again with Beau. It just looked like I had buffed and shiny nails. In two weeks, I went from almost nothing, to a decent length. Except for one that got smashed into a box at work yesterday when I was trying to get the shredding together.

For back to school, I opted to do one of the layering effects I'd seen. Apparently, you can get some cool colors by doing two layers of a base, and then a thin layer of top coat. I saw that Iced Coral has a green undertone that when put on top of Black Pool, looks like this:

I'm sporting Go Bulls Green for the start of classes next week!

Oh, and the Black Pool looks so nice on this nail length that I will wear it for Halloween this year. Katie's talking about doing some ghosts on a nail or two.

I like this layering thing.


I'm loving your new look. Haven't tried the Shellac polish but I'm also playing around with nail polish and designs. Trust me, people notice your hands. It's so worth taking care of your nails.
Suzanne said…
They sure do! I've had several people ask me what brand/color it is.

One waitress lamented to me "we have to wear boring colors," which reminded me of working for Disney.

There's another layering effect that becomes a nice cobalt blue. If the new fall colors aren't out when I see Katie next time, I'm doing that. Otherwise, I'll have turquoise or purple.

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