I Think They've Figured Me Out

My colleagues, that is.

In my current employment situation, I finally feel like a round peg in a round hole. I enjoy what I'm doing, I can use the skills I've gained so far in my graduate program, and there's a lot I can learn that will help me in the future, too.

It's funny when there's a department meeting that I didn't need to attend, people come out and they file past my desk on their way to the Keurig and tell me "you're going to be happy." See, I've been hobbled to the desk by the work demands of August and unable to unpack boxes and do other things that need to be done.

They realize that while surfing the net, writing blog posts and reading my GRE guide are diversions, I'd rather be productive. Collectively, they found a few things that I can do for them while I'm at my desk and greeting the many clients that come to us this time of year.

So, I spent about a half hour shuffling between the scanner and the duties at my desk and had 100 PDF documents to categorize (we're trying to go paperless-the rest of the company isn't as swift on this front) and file on the servers. It kept me busy for the rest of my afternoon and will provide a couple of hours of work tomorrow.

Oh, and I emailed the tech support team to add my email to that scanner, because it's pretty annoying to type it in for. each. freaking. document. After about five times of that, I went back to the desk and Googled the make and model of the copier, got the instruction manual and proceeded to add the emails to the copier we all needed.

This was met with laughter by one person. I suspect the plan all along was to get me frustrated with the lack of these contacts in the copier so that I'd figure it out on my own. I'll know for sure when people aren't flinging insults at the copier/scanner when time sheets are due...


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